Our organization is here to help you with your transition to Manitoba, before you arrive. Below lists some of our services.


If you qualify for our program, you will be able to register an account in order to take advantage of our services. When you are officially registered into the system, you will have access to your PAC profile and account. From here, you can

  • update your account information,
  • access your Settlement Plan,
  • communicate¬†with our facilitators and discuss your questions¬†or concerns, and
  • take part in events for community discussion, such as webinars and forums.
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Settlement Plan

When you are officially registered into the system, you will have access to your Settlement Plan. A PAC facilitator will guide you through your pre-arrival process. They can answer your questions, refer your to services offered by other organizations and help you complete your Settlement Plan before you arrive in Manitoba.


You will have direct one-on-one communication through audio, video or text chat with facilitators and be able to access our calendar of events.


We offer a variety of tools and resources, such as the Learning Centre of frequently asked questions, news blog and announcements, community discussion boards and more, all from your registered account.

PAC Staff

Meet Our Team

The Pre-Arrival Centre is a new service offered by the Immigrant Centre that will go live in January of 2016. This department will provide information, resources and support to clients who are in the process of immigrating to Manitoba, before they immigrate to Manitoba.

Eligible clients will access our services through the PAC website. We will use technology to communicate with clients online via Skype, chat, or email to assist them in preparing a profile that will be used to create a settlement plan. PAC clients will also have access to webinars, discussion forums, and e-learning through the PAC website. We will provide realistic, Manitoba specific information on employment, credentials recognition and language training, and encourage them to begin certain processes prior to their departure from their country of residence. Referrals will be made to local service providers in order for them to access key services upon their arrival to ensure more timely settlement and transition to their new community in a different country.