What is the Pre-Arrival Centre (PAC)?

We are an online service that provides information to immigrants about what they can expect to encounter when they arrive in Canada. Our team connects with newcomers before they leave their country of residence to give them the preparation they need to have a successful integration into Manitoba society and workforce.

How do I start?

  • Answer Some Questions and Fill Out the Registration Form

    There are some questions to answer to see if you qualify for pre-arrival services. If you are eligible, you fill out a registration form and a member will review your registration.

  • Log Into Your PAC Account and Interact with a Facilitator

    When your account is approved, a PAC Facilitator guides you through the many steps. You will have access to a personal My PAC account, fill out a Settlement Plan, access a variety of resources and attend various online events. You can also chat directly with a PAC Facilitator using the on-demand chat tool.

  • Complete Your Settlement Plan and Print It Out

    Your Facilitator guides you through your Settlement Plan process so that you can track what you need to have ready before coming to Manitoba. When you are ready to leave for Manitoba, you can print out your plan and have it with you when you get here.

To better assist you with our program, let’s see if you qualify.

Get Started

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