Did Jungkook have a crush on Rose


I have had a major crush on someone for 3 years, and then my friend said she likes him, too. Everyone says that my friend and my crush belong together, not me and my crush. What do I do? I feel suicidal.

You need to keep yourself safe, first and foremost - feeling suicidal is a warning sign that you may have low self-esteem or a mental health issue. (Please take a look at How to Cope With Suicidal Thoughts to keep yourself safe.) It's understandably painful to think of your crush with someone else, but rejection doesn't determine your worth and just because people are saying your friend would be perfect with your crush doesn't mean you're undesirable or lesser than your friend. Talk to your friend about your feelings for your crush, and make it clear that people saying this makes you feel bad about yourself and you'd like it to stop. If your friend seems dismissive or people are refusing to listen to you, it might be better to spend time with other people. You deserve people who will treat you well, whether they're friends, crushes, or otherwise.