Is Christianity a religion or a cult

  • THe definitions are the same

    The definition of a cult is;
    A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
    The followers of such a religion or sect.
    A system or community of religious worship and ritual.

    And what is religion?

  • If someone evaluated religion with no preconceptions they would say 'Yes religion is a cult'.

    Coercion is used in Christianity all the time. When you have 100 people looking at you, wouldn't you eat the bread, drink the wine? Especially when you are too young and are told to participate? How bout you lose a loved one or are dying of cancer? Evolution has rewarded species who try to get away from death, wouldn't you try anything from anyone who says they can help, even a snake oil salesman if they told you they could help, ie Christians? Part of being baptised is the whole church community takes an oath to help you not stray from God. That would make it hard to leave right?

  • Religion is a Blank Check

    Religious people preach what they don't practice. According to their believe they can do anything and all they have to do is confess, say the are sorry and everything would be fine. People have gotten drawn in by religious influencers and will believe anything just because they want to believe

  • Religion is a Cult and a Cult is a Religion

    Religion is the "belief" in something other worldly or something of the like. And religious leader preach about keeping the "faith" in the "belief" of the other worldly. They indoctrinate people as children (parochial school) and control people's behaviors with "commandments" (making people think that natural human instinct is bad). Jesus was a cult leader (and most likely mentally ill) same with Muhammed. Back then people did not know what a cult or mental illness was. It is the oldest trick in the book for controlling people (religion is a cult and a cult is a religion).

  • Christianity is close to a cult.

    What sense does it make to determine how life should be because of a book or a scripture? I hear people say, "well God told us to do this..." or "God told us to do that..." but how does something that has never been proven to exist "talk"? If it truly talked, then why are people reading a book instead of listening for a voice. Is there even proof to show that the books are fact over fiction? If "God" existed, then what does he look like? Sound like? Personality? Also, I see it pointless to spend good sleeping time at night to face a wall and start talking to it. When has praying ever helped anyways? Same with spending a pointless 2 hours of the weekend at church when it could be spent other ways. You're just listening to a random man speaking about a book. But, 2 annoys me the most when preachers preach about how "God loves everybody" but being LGBT pro, or even different period is not allowed. And that people should give money to the church because you are supposed to "serve God" by no being rich. That being rich puts a mark on your record towards heaven, but have you seen the Vatican??? They are RICH as hell. What is this? I'll tell you what this is. It biggest and longest lasting scam in history that flys right under our permanently brainwashed community.

  • Religion is bullshit

    I personally think religion is a large cult for people who are too weak to accept all the shit that happens in life. They crave something to blame it on, someone to 'pray" to. And when they do something right, instead of being proud they thank their "god" when clearly theyre just not confident enough to believe they did it.
    Vbashkdbvjc,bnxzjn,vasbjdf fucking hate religion.

  • Seems like a cult

    I was forced to go to church, believe, and accept it all as truth without proof or question. That gays are bad, being different is wrong, hell, even certain fabrics and meats are bad depending on whether or not it has hooves. Eve (and subsequently all women forever) was punished with painful childbirth because she made one mistake? If I were to believe in a deity it would be one that embraces all. And saying god gave us free will is just a convenient excuse for all the bad shit that happens in the world. He can do good....But not prevent rape and murder and war? What good is a god then? Its just folk stories written long ago to give society a moral code to live by that gullible people continue to fall for with blind faith. I hate hearing that "god has a plan for them or needed an angel" when a child dies. Any god taking young young children for selfishness and a low angel census sounds like a terrifying asshole. And the sheer number of religions in the world and everyone thinks theirs is the one and only and their beliefs and rules are truly the correct interpretation...We cant all be right.

  • Yes it is.

    It brainwashes people from a young age, then those people inturn also let their children get brianwashed. It's got scare tactics of heaven and hell. If you live in a community that's Catholic you can get bullied into going if you don't go every Sunday. I lived through that before.

  • Definition of a cult

    Cult - a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. That figure being Jesus, you know, the guy Christianity is based off of. Christians worship Jesus for being murdered on some planks of wood. They drink his blood and eat his body. Just walk into a church, look at the crucifix, and tell me its not a blood and/or murder cult

  • Clearly religion is a cult

    Some have said it so elaborately, please see above. Simply, researching religion--which to follow/whether to follow does nothing more than lead one in circles of man-made explanations.... How can one religion be superior to another? How can reinterpretations of outdated languages be accurate, especially when incomplete (e.G. Those books of Bible written by women but not included in some king's "version?"). Etc.
    Be kind, be inquisitive, be thankful for the good & beautiful. But be of one's own mind.